Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in the U S and A.... Great Success!!

We had to cut our trip short, to make this post brief I'll sum it up kinda quick...

While we were sitting in our favorite coffee shop in Pushkar India,

This one:

...we decided we wanted to build our own mobile coffee cart, roast our own beans and serve the best coffee possible, well this started a lot of things rolling. We decided we wanted to live near my family in KS for part of the year and in AZ for the other part of the year, near most of Heidi's family. Since we were planning this, I also decided I might as well open another moto shop.  I've named it High Plains Moto,  It'll be in KS only.  So one thing led to another and we bought a building in KS, paid cash for it, no mortgage :) Half of the building will be High Plains Moto and we'll build a loft in the other half, which will b our home in Kansas.  We've also made plans to open a mobile coffee business called XO Coffee Bar (possibly...the name may change as we move forward with our plans), which should be up and running by summer of 2012.  We also bought a coffee roaster so we can start roasting our own beans.  Because all of this was now in the works, AND we have just laid out lots of our travel cash for this building, we had to cut things short. We decided to cancel our yoga training in exchange for coming home early to save more money for our future businesses.  That's how we ended up back in the USA on Dec 13th (Heidi's birthday), way ahead of schedule. We plan to be in Kansas by sometime this March or early April, we have lots of work to do!

Our next trip will most likely be back to Thailand, since we only were able to spend a couple days there. Then we hope to travel around Southeast Asia for a couple months. Or, we may plan our next trip to South America - Peru to be exact. Who knows what the future will hold?!  We try to always keep our options open. We are excited to be back, and very excited to move forward with our plans.

We will continue this blog for a while with our domestic adventures, and the building of our moto shop and coffee cart.

On another note, we are happy that we did in fact make one complete lap around the globe, by planes, trains, automobiles, and foot :)

Stay tuned...if you want :)


  1. Welcome Home... you have made an awesome achievement!! I'm sure your future endeavors will be happy ones...